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I’m several weeks into a two-month-long trip across Europe, and here are my thoughts on five items that I brought with me to road-test. Because of their compact sizes, they are best meant for traveling—which is exactly what I’m doing.

evolvetogether Natural Deodorant

I don’t know whether I like its tubular packaging more, or if it’s the fact that with one swipe per underarm, evolvetogether’s plant-based line of neutrally scented deodorants combats stink and perspiration.

The water-based formula went on clear—tested on a black merino wool shirt that I wore during the flight—and it kept me feeling fresh during the 10-hour-long flight from New York City to Geneva.

Extra points go to the deodorants’ responsibly harvested FSC-certified paper exterior that is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable.

Insolife Electric Pocket Portable Bidet

None of the portable bidets out there will ever come close to the comfort, pressure, and cleaning prowess of the one installed in my bathroom; that I will admit. But I still picked up a travel bidet—this insolife model is rechargeable via USB-C—because I can never go back to just plain *shudder* wiping.

The included 400-ml. bottle suffices for most clean-ups, although you can also screw the bidet on a compatible plastic water bottle with a larger capacity.

Yves Rocher Lavender Concentrated Shower Gel

I’ve only been traveling for 14 days, so I can’t verify whether this concentrated gel will really deliver on its claim of lasting through 40 showers. I will say that the bottle dispensing the right amount of product each time via its valve cap is impressive—that small dollop indeed lathers enough that I can wash my entire body.

Yves Rocher Concentrated Shampoo

Ditto for the shampoo, although I don’t wash my hair daily so I probably won’t even finish this bottle.

By the way, the brand is impressively green: Not only are their packaging and formulations in some way recycled and sustainable, the Yves Rocher foundation will also plant a tree for you when you purchase their products.

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Almond Pure Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soaps have a well-earned reputation from many a traveler for their jack-of-all-trades nature. For this trip specifically, I am using the 60-ml. bottle in place of laundry detergent, and it has been performing well so far: Just a few drops to a hotel bathroom sink filled with lukewarm water, and my undergarments come out clean without much scrubbing (I’m either too lazy or too tired to spend too much time cleaning my clothes).

I will say it was strange at first wearing socks and boxers that smell like a cookie.

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