Pocket-sized Grooming

You do not need to bring a plethora of products to stay well-groomed while traveling, as long as you adapt this four-step skincare routine.

Build a Winter Car Kit for Your Cold-Weather Adventures

There’s still a solid month before winter changes to spring, which means there’s time for one more trip in the blissful cold. Here are nine items that you should stash in your car’s trunk for your next winter escape.

A Tasty Miami Craft Brewery

Visit this locally owned and small-batch craft brewery a quick ride from the Miami Airport.

Where to go from here – Traveling in 2024

Last year was a capstone year: I was able to visit 40 countries before I turned 40 years old. (Actually, it was 44.) While I am definitely going to slow down in 2024—famous last words, HA!—I do have a few destinations that I want to see this year.

The 10 Things and Events That Defined 2023 for Travel Nibble

From eyewear that tracks my activity to going on a cruise for the first time; from achieving my “40 before 40” challenge to streamlining my gadgets, these are the 10 things that defined my traveling life in 2023

Sixteen of the best Black Friday deals for your travels

Here are some of the best places to score serious discounts on items that you undoubtedly will need on your next trip

L’Eau Notes

Getting sick because of non-potable drinking water while traveling is never fun. Reduce your risk while keeping yourself hydrated by bringing one of these five filtering water bottles.