ANA’s delicious in-flight meals, served at sea level
ANA’s delicious in-flight meals, served at sea level

For anyone who misses the airline’s legendary Japanese hospitality, All Nippon Airways’s ANA Catering Service brings the in-flight travel experience without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Sets of 12 in-flight meals are available for about 9000 yen. The catch? You can only buy them if you’re a Japanese resident.

Those wishing for that weird feeling of not-really-nostalgia (because it was only a year ago when our world turned upside-down) from the experience of flying—or at least, the experience of having an in-flight meal—need only to look at ANA’s in-flight meal packs to help tide you over until the next time you’re able to safely head to the airport again.

The 12 in-flight meals available for purchase at Rakuten and ANA A-Style are identical to what passengers get in the Economy Class cabin. “In 2020, our inflight meal production volume went down 90% due to COVID-19. We needed to do something to stay afloat,” says Daichi Haraki of ANA Catering Service (ANAC). “For years, we have been receiving customer requests to sell inflight meals online. We were also seeing conversations on social media about how much people miss flying and eating inflight meals. So, we connected the dots and decided to start selling frozen inflight meal sales in December of last year.”

Everything, from the taste, the plating, even the containers they come in, is identical if you were 30,000 feet above the air. They are packaged as one of the following: Japanese meal set, western meal set, meat, seafood, those offered at specific routes such as Sydney and Honolulu, and those that the public has voted as passenger favorites in the past.

The beef hamburger steak with demi-glace sauce is the current best-seller

Similar to most other meal delivery kits, the dishes arrive fully cooked and frozen. All you need to do is let it defrost and reheat in the microwave.

Fried chicken thighs with soy sauce
Ten (shrimp) don
Seafood Dorya

Their meals are not the only things that you can buy. Their refreshingly addictive Kabosu juice is also available in six one-liter packs. They’re great on their own with ice, as a high ball with soda water, or if you’re of the mixologist persuasion, as a cocktail with vodka and cognac.

  • Your order will come in these reusable tray sets to complete the whole experience.

    The serveware comes with six bowls, two large trays, two small trays, two sets of cutleries (spoon, fork, and knife), and two sets of chopsticks.

    (The tray set is also available for purchase separately.)

Although these meal sets are only available in Japan, Mr. Haraki is looking at making them available for the international market. They are also planning on continuing this program even after traveling goes back to normal, so long as demand remains.

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