Editor’s Picks: July 2022
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This month, we’re in a decidedly summertime state of mind. Here are the travel gear, aviation news, and style essentials that we’re absolutely loving.

All black Finnish clothing brand, Nomen Nescio, opens a minimalistic store in the center of Helsinki

If you’re visiting this Scandinavian city during your summer travels, be sure to hit up Nomen Nescio’s 130-square-meter flagship store in the Mikonkatu neighborhood of Helsinki. “Nomen Nescio was born out of a personal need for clothing that would be so appealing, high quality, and vertical that one wouldn’t need anything else,” says Niina Leskelä, the brand’s designer.

This ethos is most evident on the brand’s choice of color. Every single piece from its gender-neutral collections is in black. Not only is it a color that works with most occasions and is easy to care for (just ask any city-dweller), but it also allows the customer to focus on the clothing’s fit, workmanship, and sustainability.

The flagship store is designed by the brand’s founder and creative director Timo Leskelä. There’s a see-through acrylic installation in the middle of the store that allows the garments to be viewed at every angle. The back of the store, in contrast, uses pine to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Nomen Nescio Store
Mikonkatu 1, Helsinki, Finland

All black Finnish clothing brand, Nomen Nescio, opens a minimalistic store in the center of Helsinki

100% Launches the 2022 Peter Sagan Limited Edition Collection

San Diego-based sports performance company 100% has teamed up with Team TotalEnergies’s Peter Sagan to launch the 2022 Peter Sagan Limited Edition Collection.

The collection—available in three of 100%’s best-selling eyewear models, the S3, S2, and Speedcraft ($200 each)—features a bold design that mimics the eccentric personality of the seven-time Tour de France Green Jersey winner. By blending bright colors with triple-layer purple mirrored lenses, the sunglasses evoke the fun and soulful spirit of tie-dye prints but in a frame that performs across various sports.

See the collaboration in action as Peter participates in the Tour de France, starting today!

S2 Peter Sagan LE Soft Tact Tie Dye

Keep your hair summer-ready with Zealios swim & sport shampoo + conditioner

Although they are gentle for daily use, they are best packed in your summer toiletries bag. The haircare combo safely removes chlorine, sweat, and salt from your hair after a day of fun under the sun. It’s sulfate-free, and safe for color and chemically treated hair. Plus, the contained aloe juice, vitamin B, and sunflower oil hydrate, repair, detangle, and protect your hair from further damage.

Zurich Airport is poised to remain your favorite European hub with a 10-year renovation plan based on the concept of “Raumfachwerk”

The Zürich Flughafen (ZRH) has long been a favorite of many US-based visitors (including this one) because of its location, its proximity to downtown Zurich, and for how fantastic the airport is in general.

In 2020, a 10-year, two-stage design competition was kicked off to replace the airport’s aging Dock A. Expect Schengen and non-Schengen gates, airside retail, lounges, offices, a new air traffic control tower, and an extension of the immigration hall.

Team BIG+HOK—the group who won the much-coveted renovation work—took the concept of Raumfachwerk to celebrate the passenger experience and movement through the airport. Using daylight as a natural wayfinding system, the new spaces will resemble a town square (with the control tower in its center) rather than an airport.

Dock A’s roof will be covered with PV panels and integrated shading should help reduce solar heat gain. The combination of water- and air-based cooling and heating systems will improve the building’s energy demand.

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