Where to go for a good bowl of ramen

Four addresses, spanning three continents, where you should go for a comforting bowl of ramen


$ – Up to $10
$$ – Up to $20
$$$ – $21 and up

Shinjuku Ramen ($$)

58 W 56th St 1st floor, New York, NY 10019

This cozy midtown eatery is located between NYC’s busy Fifth Avenue shopping street and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue), making it the ideal location whenever hunger pangs strike after a long day’s worth of shopping. The Tan Tan Men hits the spot with its spicy broth and generous portion. If you need to temper the tingle in your mouth, order a pint of ice-cold Kirin Ichiban on draft.

Ichiran Ramen ($)

Various locations throughout Japan

Perhaps best known as the chain that singlehandedly popularized the notion of deriving pleasure by eating alone, Ichiran’s Tonkotsu—or pork bone broth—ramen is bar none the perfect vehicle to welcome you to the land of the rising sun. Like most other casual eateries in Japan, the whole transaction happens with the ticket machines stationed by the entrance. If there is no English translation of the dishes and the pictures are not helpful, default to the first option on the top-left: This is usually the restaurant’s special.

Pamella Bar ($)

Geležinkelio g. 3, Vilnius 02100, Lithuania

This unassuming ramen bar is only three minutes from Vilnius’s main bus and train stations. Tuck into their comforting Tonkotsu Shoyu and let its rich broth warm you up from the Baltic’s chilly evenings. Pamella deviates from the classic recipe in that instead of the soft chashu pork that typically accompanies your bowl, you get pork belly slices with the skin crisped up—providing a pleasant crunch that perfectly complements the chewy noodles.

Mr. Ramen ($$)

Studiestæde 67, 1554 København V, Denmark

In a city—nay, country—with a reputation for being pricey, it’s good to know that you can still find a filling lunch for less than a Jackson. Mr. Ramen is located in a quiet street a stone’s throw away from Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens. There are seven types of ramen to choose from, of which one is vegan. Mr. Ramen carries hand-brewed beer from Teedawn, a Danish brewery that specializes in low-alcohol brews that don’t scrimp on the mouthfeel.

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