Seven Non-Essential Travel Items You Should Pack
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No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. These items typically don’t show up in many a packing list because they’re not hyper-essential. However, should you find yourself with a little spare room in your luggage, it doesn’t hurt to bring one or two or all of these!

Portable Bidet

Anyone who’s been to Italy, Japan, or the Philippines knows how much of an awesome thing bidets are. This less-than-$50 gadget squirts water (with just the right amount of pressure) to clean your nether regions. Like most bidets, this doesn’t completely eliminate the need to wipe—unless you’re fine with a wet bum—but what this does is reduce your usage of toilet paper to about three or four sheets.

Use this instead of…wiping.

Shopping list: Hibbent Electronic Bidet, Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet


You may not care how foul the bathroom becomes after you’ve unloaded there, but the poor folk next in line do. Spare them from the agony of having to deal with your emissions and use this essential oil spray before you even drop your pants.

Use this instead of…mercy flushing.

Shopping list: Poo-pourri

Compressed Cotton Towels

The thing with traveling is that you never know when you’ll spill something—and there’s no paper towel nearby to wipe it off. These cotton towels “activate” to about printer-paper-size with a tiny bit of water—or any liquid with the same consistency—for quick clean-ups. Even better, they are reusable up to 10 times depending on how much torture you put it through.

Use this instead of…microfiber towels. Or your hotel’s provided towels.

Shopping list: Barba-Wipes, T-Slim, Portawipes

Shirt-and-Tie Carrying Shell

In the category of “ultra-specific travel accessories,” this shell has room for one shirt and tie. The embossed area ensures that the collar doesn’t get crushed and the shirt doesn’t get wrinkled.

Use this instead of…steaming your shirt when you arrive at your destination.

Shopping list: Pack Tidy

4-in-1 Travel Bottle Kit

One of the more annoying parts about traveling is having to load and unload your things at every location you’re in. This is especially true with toiletries—which is where this handy product comes in. Building on the idea of Japanese multi-color pens, this bottle kit has four chambers for your most commonly used toiletries. Turn the nozzle to the appropriate product that you need, and squirt away. The best part is that it’s just one thing you have to carry instead of four individual ones.

Use this instead of…3-ounce bottles

Shopping list: 4-in-1 Travel Bottle

e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Water Essence and Yes To Cucumbers Single-Use Mask

I will admit that whenever I travel, my Dopp kit is the first thing that goes through a pretty thorough slimming-down. Most basic toiletries will be provided (shampoo, body wash, lotion, maybe conditioner if the place is higher than three stars), thus leaving me with only a few more things that are essential: hair styling product, solid perfume, toothpaste and toothbrush, and moisturizer.

If I am blessed with some more room, these two are what I reach for, and I pick them to stop the one thing I dread when traveling: Facial redness. This one-two combo calms down irritated skin while providing some much-needed extra moisturization.

Use them instead of…not using them. Facial redness eventually subsides after a few days.

Shopping list: Single-Use Mask, Hydrating Water Essence

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