The Warmest Shade of Blue
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Classic Blue took Pantone’s top spot as color of 2019. This season, explore the many shades of this relaxing—and hot—color for spring

Styling by Myron/

Model: Josh Bennicoff
A formal affair

If a trip to the beach for your best buddy’s wedding is on the calendar this summer, pick up a Fontainbleau seersucker coat and the accompanying Comus shorts from Haspel, and be the best-dressed guest during cocktails and the partying that follows.

Model: Michael Aurelio. Photo: Ian Limbaga
Go for a run

Don’t just reach for any plain blue tee when you want to shake off cabin fever. A long-sleeve performance top does a better job at wicking away sweat and keeping you cool and comfortable.

Model: Josh Bennicoff
Laisse tomber

Affect a French sense of style with a short-sleeved take on the classic pull marinière. Baguettes and red wine optional.

Model: Dusan Sokica. Photo: Ian Limbaga
Spring layering

When the weather is too warm from a tried-and-true blue denim jacket, substitute with an equally stylish chambray shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Model: Alexander McCarthy. Photo: Ian Limbaga
Go tone on tone

Blue is one of the easier colors to pile on, as long as you vary the shades. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a Canadian Tuxedo, after all.

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