The Getaway ~ Three Days in Reykjavik, Iceland
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Day 3

On your last day in the city, consider a day trip to Iceland’s famous not-in-Reykjavik attractions: Gulfloss, the Black Beach, the geysers, and the part of the country where the tectonic plates meet.

You can find trips on Viator or your hotel’s front desk, and these trips start at around $65 per person with several pick-up points in the city. (There’s also a tourist information storefront located at Laugavegur street although I’m not certain that it’s official.) Since it’s quite difficult to drive your own vehicle outside of Reykjavik, a group tour—kitsch as it may be—is the best option.

Once you’re back to the city, you have time for one last soak at Iceland’s many thermal baths. Hit up Sky Lagoon (Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, from 6990 ISK, about 20 minutes by bus from downtown. Unlike the Blue Lagoon, the water here is not sulfuric, meaning you don’t have to slather on a thick layer of conditioner on your hair. What you do get is a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean, especially if you’re at the largest glass sauna in the world. Not a bad way to sweat off the trip’s excesses.

Finally, tuck into a hot bowl of Vietnamese pho at Pho Vietnam (Laugavegur 101, dishes from $13, or set your mouth ablaze with a döner kebap from Gríska húsið (Laugavegur 107 105). Either way, end your trip to the Bay of Smoke longing for more.

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