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This website is all about practical travel.

Welcome to Travel Nibble. It’s a website for the practical traveler, written and edited by an equally practical traveler. My name is Myron, the one who writes, photographs (generally), and travels.

I’ve long thought of launching a travel site, but have always decided against it—the web has enough of them. But then I realized, when a friend on Facebook private-messaged me and asked me for my personal recommendations on a France-Germany trip she was planning, that there’s room for another one.

The ethos of Travel Nibble is simple: I’ll show you how to make the most of your trip, whether it’s your first time or your tenth time in a city. I would not always show you the cheapest nor priciest ways of doing things, because that’s not how most of you travel. You set aside a budget for your trips, and this usually allows for a few splurges. I know that for every five economical meals I eat, the sixth would always be something special. By going to museums on their free days, I can buy a ticket to an opera night, with a pre-show drink to boot.

This ethos will be apparent in the fashion, grooming, and food stories—their focus is on how they will benefit you in your travels.

You may have heard people saying that we should be travelers, not tourists. I don’t necessarily believe that. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay in a city for weeks on end and find themselves intertwined with the rhythms of a new environ. For some, who only have three days, a visit to the tourist sites with one or two unexpected—but equally memorable—detour is enough to leave a positive impression on them.

How you choose to spend your time in a new city is your decision ultimately. It’s not in my place to judge you if all you want to do is go to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (It is a sight to behold, after all.) My coverage will include the tourist trail and tips outside of it.

I welcome any feedback and suggestions for future cities. Please email me using the form below. Bear with me should I take a while to respond—I’m either on the road gathering new material for the website or there’s simply too many to answer.

Thank you for listening. Are your bags packed and ready to go? If not, go check out my style, grooming, tech, and basics of packing. Otherwise, allons-y !

See you out there.

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